What We Do


When you’re looking to buy a franchise, acquiring the correct knowledge is key to making the right decision. Our expert franchise brokers will share their industry knowledge with you while guiding you through the entire process.


As we begin the search for your franchise, it’s essential to gather information about your skill sets, goals and resources. Our comprehensive Prospective Owner Assessment allows us to determine your best options.


After a detailed review of your profile, our franchise brokers will assemble a group of concepts from our extensive portfolio. Each franchise we select must meet specific standards including successful operating history and extensive training.


We will discuss together why the selected franchises make the most sense for you. You will then explore each opportunity further as you decide which franchise will be the right one to choose!

What We Do

The main objectives, of the We Sell Franchise Group, are to help those with an interest in franchising, determine whether or not they have something that can be franchised professionally. If so, we’ll use our experience and vast knowledge to show them exactly how to do it. Another aspect of We Sell Franchise is to confidentially assist existing franchise organizations; we’ll use a variety of expert solutions to franchise problems, which can often be identified and guided by outside specialists and professionals.

The services we provide to emerging and established franchise include: 

•Development and preparation of an accurate Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
•Updating any disclosure documents to comply with FTC Rule and state registration rules and requirements
•Registering FDDs in all franchise registration states
•Reviewing, analyzing and modifying any existing franchise documents
•Restructuring marketing techniques used in the franchise company
•Assuring legal compliance in all staff training and operations
•Assuring the legal compliance of marketing strategies
•Assisting with mergers, acquisitions and financing (IPOs) within a franchise company
•Coordinating franchise litigation and dispute resolution
•Reviewing all trademarks and service marks
•Implementing master franchising, area developing and area representative arrangements, both domestically and internationally
•Reviewing and negotiating franchise and business opportunities; on behalf of prospective franchisees